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Funniest Tweet of the Day

kevin rose


4 Responses to “Funniest Tweet of the Day”

  1. Hey hows it going I love this post!

    My site has just started please COMMENT on my newest post!

    Thanks Greg haha thats halarious… :cool:

  2. My only question is, why would someone post this? Made me laugh though, thanks.

  3. Oh dear! If he hasn’t found it yet he’ll be sorry in a few days. . . Gross!

  4. Tim, it’s not just anyone who posted that on Twitter, it was Kevin Rose, if you don’t know who Kevin is, he is the founder of, Pownce, and co-host of Diggnation.
    I think he drives and audi or something fancy, so he’ll have one smelly expensive if he doesn’t retrieve the rotting flesh soon.

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