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My Favorite Bloggers

I was going through my bookmarks today searching for the blogs I love the most and people that write for them, which inspired me to write about the bloggers I love most. I want to make note that these are bloggers I like, not podcast personalities, that would be a very different list.

Brian Lam, Editor-in-Chief of Gizmodo.

Brian Lam provides insight into the world of tech with humor and integrity. Not only does he run the show over at Gizmodo, but his articles are among the most entertaining and well written. Some of my favorite Brian Lam articles are

iPhone: first hands on: I call my mom!

Wii Fit, Review by a formerly fit geek.

On assholes tracking Steve Jobs health.
Vincent, Geek Like Me
Great at rounding up links of interest to geeks and technophiles, especially adept at attaching hilariously sarcastic comments to certain links.

Wil WheatonWil Wheaton (yes that Wil Wheaton)
WWdN: In Exile
Actor, writer, blogger
Best known for his role on Star Trek as Westley Crusher, Wil is now one of the most interesting bloggers on the intrawebs.
Notable Posts:
Geek vs. iTune

DRM and the DMCA: so stupid it makes me want to punch babies

Lisa Bettany, Mostly Lisa
Geeky and gorgeous, Lisa is a Canadian blogger, multimedia producer, photographer, writer, actress, and “part-time” model.
Her blog is full of geeky, techy stuff with a great sense of humor and she has some seriously good photography skills.


3 Responses to “My Favorite Bloggers”

  1. I’m not one of your favourite bloggers? *cries* I write just as much as any of these people, and about just as interesting things! Like when I wrote about cleaning out cupboards, or about speaking to cars on the road. . . damn, I am pretty lame.

  2. I’m sorry. What I should have written is: My Favorite Bloggers, who I don’t know in the RL.

    As far as favorite bloggers who I happen to be friends with, Lindsay you top the charts, Emily is on there as well, but Jeremy, you suck at updating so sorry.

  3. thanks for the l0v3!

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