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WWDC Anticipation is Killing Me.

Apple store is downThe Apple Store is (expectedly) down, and I have my eyes on Gizmodo’s live blog covereage, Engadget, and TUAW’s Meta-liveblog coverage.

So far nothing amazing has been announced. They’ve shown some preview photos of iPhone apps like Super Monkey Ball, Ebay’s Auction app, the Associated Press app, TypePad, and talked more about the SDK.

Steve did announce that they will be previewing the next iteration of OS X, Snow Leopard. So the predictions were right, they even got the rumored name right. I’m not expecting any drastic changes or breaking news on this issue though, it’s all about the iPhone today.

That is unless there is “one last thing”.

[UPDATE] Phil Schiller just announced Mobile Me, Apple’s new Exchange like service that can be found at (not yet online) that is replacing .Mac. Mobile Me will provide push email, calendars, contacts, photos, etc. without the Exchange network. According to Schiller it will be available for $99 a year. A 60 day trial will come with iPhone 2.0.

[UPDATE] Steve just announced the 3G network for iPhone, surprise surprise. iPhone 2, all plastic back, flush headphone jack, better audio, all metal side buttons, increased battery life, and yes GPS! Steve also says they are going to make it more affordable.

[UPDATE] Apple are rolling out the iPhone in more countries, the world map has the countries highlighted in red AND YES CANADA IS ON THERE!!!

iPhone prices are being lowered to $199 for the 8GB model, and $299 for the 16GB model.

3G iPhone


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