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The Cupcakery

The Cupcakery

My dear friend Emily’s birthday is tomorrow so I wandered over to the local Cupcakery to purchase half a dozen of their finest cupcakes.

cupcakesIf you have yet to experience the Cupcakery, it is probably the happiest place on earth. The women working helped me select six different flavors of icing, packaged them up and told me how to preserve them for maximum freshness.

There was also a group of young children excited to try some of the delicious cupcakes to celebrate one of their dates of birth as well. I don’t particularly like children, but even this brought a smile to my face.

Check out their website where you can place cupcake orders and get info on catering. The Cupcakery can also make custom cupcake decorations as well as cupcake wedding cakes (seriously cakes made of cupcakes!!!)


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