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Apple Store is Back Online and Guess What’s New

iphone 3GThat’s right the Apple Store is back online and they have the new iPhone 3G, with a set release date of July 11. But even better than that, the Canadian Apple store has them listed as well, with Rogers and Fido as the carriers.

The Canadian store doesn’t have prices listed yet, and they aren’t for pre-sale, but I imagine the price point won’t be much different from the $199 and $299 US that we heard Steve announce earlier today.


3 Responses to “Apple Store is Back Online and Guess What’s New”

  1. Ohh, it looks pretty! For $300 it’s less than the 16GB iPod, too! I guess that has to do with the Internet capabilities… Or can you also get on the net wherever there is available wifi on iPhones? It would we have to get a data plan?

    I’m expecting you to have on of these by July 12th. :P

    So are you heading to Thunder Bay or what?

  2. Yeah, if you are in wifi range you can connect that way, otherwise it runs off a 3G GSM network (ie a data plan).

    Unfortunately no Lindsay, I am sitting here while Xal and Reed have already left for TBay.

  3. Oh! That was my big worry about iPhones… For some reason I thought you had to go through Rogers Internet. I guess the difference in price to the iPod has to do with the 2 year contract then. But a two year contract is nothing! Very worth it.

    No Tbay? That’s lame. Well perhaps you will get to visit all of us or vice verca in the summer months to come! Hopefully that means your phone interview went well, though.

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