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Gay Pride Winnipeg

gay pride

It’s gay pride day in Winnipeg today, festivities include a big gay brunch, a parade, and a business fair and market.

Check out the official site here.

[UPDATE] I probably would have posted real photos and what not, but I’m actually too busy staying home enjoying my new couches.


8 Responses to “Gay Pride Winnipeg”

  1. Hooray for homosexual couches!

    I may have read this entry wrong. . .

  2. Yeahhhh right. You didn’t participate in Pride because you were frightened a flamboyant man would hit on you. Or, that Reed would. Again.


    (but you’ll have to come and see it IRL to be certain)

  3. Actually I have you know Emily, that I didn’t participate because I was asleep until 2 because I was out with Reed and his friends until almost 4am.
    I was actually invited to a gay pride soire or something by Reed but it was $30 to get in and that is far to rich for my blood.

  4. I love being gay. It is such a great pride for Winnipeg to be gay; I breathe gay, i eat gay, and I love sports stories. I dream of playing on a team one day. Now i have found a team of my own.. :)

    Smiles to everyone else who has been so kind as to be true to their inner selves and enjoy and thrive in their livelihood. I congratulate you on being such wonderful individuals who enjoy and thrive! Thank you! Thank you one and all.

  5. i am gay nd very proud dont be haterz for uz we rock lmaof

  6. I’m gay and happily have a girlfriend that loves me!!
    I don’t care what anyone says, as long as she’s with me. =)

  7. i’m a lesbian and I love it. i wouldn’t trade it for the world. I love my girlfriend to death and I don’t care what any of those ignorant people say that are against gays!!!!! get a life!!!!

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