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Back on the Internets!

I have finally got the internet in my apartment and it’s glorious. But after living with limited internet connectivity for over a week sitting in front of a fully connected computer again is pretty overwhelming. I’ve been viciously typing urls into the address bar, and going through my bookmarks like they are going out of style. For someone who is as addicted to information and the internet as I am, a week is a very long time to go with only limited access.

One thing of interest that I can talk about is Video Games Live, the orchestrated world tour of video game music. I had the opportunity to see VGL at the Centennial Concert Hall here in Winnipeg on Thursday, and it was amazing.

Check out this video of Martin Leung playing Final Fantasy on piano in Montreal (there aren’t any videos of Winnipeg online yet, but this is very similar to what he played here).

[UPDATE] Apparently WordPress is acting up and won’t let me embed the video so click the link instead.


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