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Things I have learned about Winnipeg, Manitoba

Manitoban Squirrel

– Apparently Bison aren’t as common as squirrels. I don’t know where I got this idea, I just assumed that I would be seeing a lot of bison everywhere. I figured they would be casually walking down the street, scurrying up trees, across hydro poles and pillaging birdfeeders, but I have yet to see even one single bison! All I’ve seen are really bad drivers who have very little patience for either people who obviously don’t know where they are going so are therefore driving slower than the average “get the fuck out of my way I have to get home/to work/not here” driver or drivers with Ontario license plates.

-There is an abundance of sky here. Seriously it’s very flat here, other than buildings and the occasional tree there aren’t any other objects blocking your view of the horizon, therefore the sky appears very large.

-Driving here sucks. I used to laugh at my friends from Manitoba who were in love with U-Turns and had overly aggressive driving styles, but after being here for a week I understand why. U-Turns are necessary because 75% of the streets here are one-way streets or streets that lead you to messed up 5 street intersections, so when you realize that either you are on the wrong street, going the wrong way or that the street just suddenly goes apeshit you need to pull a “Uee” to get the hell out of there.

[EDITOR’S NOTE] Sorry if the formatting of this post is all buggered up, I posted this from the Starbucks by my new apartment because I still don’t have internet yet, but the Starbucks wifi has been giving me lots of trouble today (ie crashing every ten or fifteen minutes). So it has taken me almost an hour just to get this short post up and looking acceptable. I apologize and promise that things will look better and be more frequently updated once MTS sends me my router.


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