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New Places and Different Faces

Since I last posted anything I’ve moved into a new apartment and have started to adjust to life in a different City/Province.

I now live in Winnipeg, Manitoba home of the Guess Who, the Weakerthans, and my favorite band Propagandhi, as well as such sports teams as the Blue Bombers, and the Jets (in spirit, they’ve actually been defunct for sometime, but it’s not very hard to find Jets apparel here).

My apartment is pretty kickass, although as of yet it lacks anything other than a computer chair to sit down on (my bed and couch are being delivered soon). Everything thing I could ever need, ie. groceries, starbucks/second cup, alcohol (in the form of bars as well as liquor and beer stores) restaurants, banks, clothing shops, tattoo parlors, and a specialty cupcake shop, is within a two block radius. My building is between the awesomely diverse Osborne Village and the snooty, I’m stupid rich, use champagne as mouthwash, drive a fancy convertible while smoking a pipe (I actually saw this), ritzy River Heights.

Here are a few pictures I’ve taken recently (to see more check out my Flickr page).

Prairie Sunlightliving room

new computer set upentertainment center


5 Responses to “New Places and Different Faces”

  1. River heights is far away from you. . I think you mean corydon. But yea, same deal. Except Bar Italia and Sugar mountain is on corydon. And Bar I is a film bar. it also makes GREAT sammies!

  2. Just thought you should know, Gary, that Bryan and I are watching Iron Chef: Battle Bison right now at this very second. Bobby Flay vs some dude who spent 5599 years in Mexico. Bison. You’re a bison.

  3. Very cool looking apartment! I’d better get a tour of it when I’m in Winnipeg. . . which is this Wednesday! We will have a “Goodbye, Greg!” party then, because you were gone in a flash the other day.


  4. I stand corrected you do mean river heights. way to trump me on winnipeg. Kudos. :)

    By the way the 3 minute walk to your house is excruciating, live closer damnit! :)

  5. Don’t worry Lindsay you and Jeremy (I heard Marty might be coming too?) will all get the grand tour, your welcome to stay here too, I have a blow up mattress.

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