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My hotel has free wi-fi.

I’m currently laying in a hotel bed in St. Boniface, Winnipeg, typing this on my Asus Eee pc using the hotel’s free wifi, FTW!

The drive from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg was long and the weather kept fluctuating from sunny and warm to dark and rainy. Check out my flickr page to see a couple of my photos from the trip.

I mentioned that I was using my Asus Eee pc, which I’ve had for a several months now, but have yet to really test to it’s full potential until now. In the past couple of hours I have used this tiny laptop to check my email, facebook, twitter, pownce, digg, and all my other social networks, I’ve uploaded photos from my dad’s camera directly to flickr, IM’d with some friends from Tbay and now I’m writing this post. I’m pretty impressed to say the least. Once I get Ubuntu installed on it, I will be one happy bloke.


2 Responses to “My hotel has free wi-fi.”

  1. Don’t say bloke. Fag.

  2. hey!
    i also have an ASUS Eee PC
    i am a student and for my purposes
    this little gadget does wonders
    it just works!

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