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Disruptions Would be Funnier as a Mashup

Two videos caught my attention today, not because either of them are terribly interesting, but because combined they would be hilarious.

The first is this clip of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer speaking at what appears to be a university in Budapest. During his speech he is interrupted by someone in the audience who makes a poor attempt at egging him.

The second video is of World Chess Grandmaster / Russian Opposition Leader Gary Kasparov. He’s speakingin Russian and their is not english translation, but it really doesn’t matter what he is saying because he is interrupted by a remote controlled flying penis!

Now after watching both of these videos don’t you think it would be far more amusing to see Steve Ballmer’s presentation get interrupted by a flying penis rather than a couple of poorly thrown eggs?

[NOTE] I’ve linked to the Steve Ballmer video instead of embedding it because WordPress won’t let me embed more than one video per post and the Kasparov video is more interesting.


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