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App of the Day

Ever since I got back from Manitoba I’ve been so caught up with work and my personal life that I’ve had little time or ambition to post anything, but today’s my day off so that will change. Today I’m planning on introducing a couple new things such as App of the Day, which will be a daily post (might end up being weekly if it becomes hard to find new apps) about cool applications I’ve discovered and been using. Because I am a mac user the majority if not all of these will be for Mac OS X (Leopard) or iPhone / iPod Touch.

My pick for today is Google Reader for iPhone Beta.

google reader mobile google reader feed

If you read a lot of blogs and online news content like I do than it probably helps to have some kind of RSS reader to organize everything for you. When I’m on my iMac I tend to actually visit each individual site because I rely a lot on bookmarks and enjoying seeing the layout of each page, but when I’m not around my desktop and am using my iPod Touch it don’t need to visit each site, in fact it’s more of a pain. So I most benefit from mobile RSS Readers such as this one.

I recommend signing up for some of their pre configured feeds that way you will get access to man more articles that you may not have otherwise have stumbled upon.


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