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Trent Reznor = Music Industry 2.0

NIN the SlipUnless you have been living under a rock recently you’ve probably heard about how Trent Reznor is shaking up the music industry. It started with the release of Nine Inch Nails’ instrumental album which was available for a variety of prices (the first 9 of 36 tracks could be downloaded for free) and various file types, including high quality .wav and apple lossless. And then a week ago he released a new single called “Discipline” for free download via the NIN website. Now Trent has released an entirely new album (featuring Discipline) absolutely free. The album is called “The Slip” and can be downloaded in a various formats. Just head on over to to get your free copy of the new album.

Even more impressive is that within minutes of its release the link was posted to Digg and is now up to 6641 Diggs!!! Now that is one hell of a distribution system.


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