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GTA IV Freezing Problems

GTA IVWord on the nets is that some copies of GTA IV for both PS3 and Xbox 360 are freezing at various points throughout the game making it virtual unplayable, which totally blows if you are one of the people who dropped 60 bucks on it. Check out the YouTube page dedicated to GTA IV Freezing.

I have yet to actually play GTA IV but can only imagine that it is fantastically amazing. It’s getting near perfect scores from reviewers. Metacritic has GTA IV listed as 99 out of 100 with universal acclaim, not too shabby. There are plenty of GTA related webcomics popping up. Check out some of them:

Penny Arcade

Little Gamers


2 Responses to “GTA IV Freezing Problems”

  1. Interesting post, thanks very much..

  2. this post excites me!

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