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Uwe Boll Has Balls (He Still Makes Shitty Movies Though)

Has anyone else seen the videos that director Uwe Boll has been posting to YouTube? If not he’s the first one.

Wow, seriously, did he just call Michael Bay a retard? He isn’t vain at all is he?

Now I know that a lot of people like to mock Uwe Boll for making some of the worst movies ever, but a lot of people haven’t actually seen his films. It’s pretty easy to make fun of someone just because everyone else is doing it. But as someone who has seen a couple of his films, most recently In The Name of The King, I can legitimately say that he does indeed make shitty movies. I couldn’t believe that a movie with such a cast like that (Jason Statham, John Rhys-Davies, Ron Perlman, and Ray Liotta) could suck so bad. You could tell that the direction was just way off because the acting was terrible (yet these are all people who have proved their abilities), the editing was even worse, and seriously it just sucked.

So for Uwe Boll to call himself a genius and the only one making good movies these days is absolutely ludicrous. He should stick to making YouTube videos, they are far more entertaining than his movies.

[UPDATE] Uwe Boll has now challenged Michael Bay to fight him (for real he wants to go fisticuffs with him) in what he is calling Boll vs. Bay. haha


2 Responses to “Uwe Boll Has Balls (He Still Makes Shitty Movies Though)”

  1. This guy is completely whacked. I too was sorely disappointed with In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (Hope the tags work). It left a lot to be desired.

    What I would like is someone to get Jason Statham’s and Ray Liotta’s opinion on the completed product. Those opinion I believe would be very interesting.

  2. Indeed, I wonder what they think. It would be interesting to get some feedback about his directing style.

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