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Seriously Why Aren’t iPhones Available in Canada Yet?

iPhoneThe other day I was walking through the mall and spotted a guy talking on an iPhone. This probably doesn’t sound that interesting, but this was in Canada, where iPhones are not currently available (“officially” that is). Immediately the tech geek in me became insanely jealous. I looked down at my hands to see my iPod Touch in my left hand and my nokia cellphone in my right hand.

“I’m such a chump. I have to have two devices to do the same things that is guy is doing with one!”

So for the rest of the day I walked around with a frown wishing that either I were smarter and got an iPhone from the states and unlocked it for use in Canada, or that this country would actually get its ass into the year 2008 and get some damn technology.

And then yesterday I was in the Rogers store with my roommate looking at BlackBerry phones. He ended up getting a BlackBerry Pearl 8100, which is pretty cool and all, but seriously why can’t we get an iPhone? And why does Rogers suck so much? Rogers doesn’t offer unlimited bandwidth data plans (which is kind of essential for iPhone use otherwise you’ll get stuck with a $700 phone bill each month if you like the internet).  And even if you buy their crappy low bandwidth data plans you’ll get stuck with a huge bill. This really pisses me off. I don’t understand why Rogers or any other phone company can do this and get away with it. Essentially they are offering and inferior deal but because it’s basically the only deal in town so they can get away with it.

Hopefully once iPhone 2 is released Canada will have caught up and be able to offer them, otherwise I’m just going to have to do some jailbreaking to be able to feed my appetite for technological advancement.

Wonder what Apple thinks about iPhones being purchased in the states with the intention of being unlocked and used in other countries? Take a look at what Macworld has to say about it here.


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