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A Better Use For The Holodeck.

Joel Watson’s newest comic demonstrates what people would actually do with a holodeck, instead of the lame detective stories that Picard was constantly living out.

Hijinks Ensue


3 Responses to “A Better Use For The Holodeck.”

  1. 1) First Star Trek was PG you dork. 2) Second they didn’t just use the Holodeck for detective stores if you actually watched the series it was used to save the ship and crew multiple times, in the episode booby trap the Holodeck was used extensively to save the ship. In the episode Dark Frontier (voyager) the holodeck was used as a training area to plan a covert mission to steal a Borg transwarp coil. In the episode Thine Own Self Troy uses to the Holodeck to see if she was what it takes save the ship in a dire situation and become full fledged bridge officer. There thousands of PRACTICAL uses for the holodeck. oh and Third Im not a Trekkie there are far better Sci Fi series out there but any geek worthy of the name should have at least seen Star Trek but despite the series obvious shortcomings I still consider it a decent series and it did do what a Sci-fi Series should do which is show why we should learn to embrace all forms of life and give us a glimpse of the future.

  2. You can hate the series but at least see the series then you know what your hateing and why.

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