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Watchmen Production Updates

Watchmen posterEven though it isn’t set to come out until March 6 2009, I’m very excited for Zack Snyder’s adaptation of Alan Moore’s graphic novel Watchmen.  Unlike some people I am very optimistic about this film because Zack Snyder is clearly very dedicated to making this film properly even though he isn’t getting Alan Moore’s support.

Snyder has posted some behind the scenes footage showcasing the construction of sets and the effort to keep the look true to the graphic novel.

IMDB also has a bunch of awesome production photos I haden’t seen until today, check them out.


2 Responses to “Watchmen Production Updates”

  1. So excited to see that this is coming out and will look great.
    However, have you been to the official site of the movie? NOWHERE do they mention ALAN MOORE!!! All the credits say that this was Dave Gibbons’ book! As we know, Dave was half of the team. Why is Alan Moore not getting any writer’s credit for this book?!?

  2. Alan Moore hates any film based on his work. He has asked not to be credited, and has said that he has no intention of ever seeing the film.
    Snyder has made attempts to contact him, but has yet to succeed. As far as Alan Moore is concerned there is no Watchmen movie.

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