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Laura Roslin is a Cylon!

Did I get your attention? No I’m not divulging any actual spoilers. Yes I know I’m a bad person for betraying you with the title of this post, sorry to anyone who thinks I just ruined something from an episode they have yet to see. I have ZERO proof that she is actually a cylon. But I would like to go on record as saying that I think she will be revealed as the final cylon near the end of the series.

If you are a fan of the show you might disagree with me, because all evidence shows that she cannot be a cylon: She is sick with cancer, half cylon baby blood kinda cured her before, blah, blah blah. I still think she is a cylon and I’m waiting to see if she will throw herself out the airlock when she finds out.


9 Responses to “Laura Roslin is a Cylon!”

  1. Heh. Nice theory (though I do disagree – sorry!). But I’d put her near the top of my list of “characters whose reactions I’d like to see if they found out they were a Cylon”.

  2. That’s cool, my roommate is determined that Adama is a cylon.

  3. lee adama for cylon ’08

  4. I’m only halfway through season one…and I wanted to kill you after reading that title…put me in a bad mood, then i actually read the post lol.

  5. Luara Roslin will die of cancer halfway through this final season, in time for the mid-season hiatus. The returning episode will show her awakening in a Cylon rebirth chamber – I’d put money on it!

  6. Interesting theory. Lookout for my next post, I’ll be discussing several of my Battlestar thoeries in greater detail.

  7. I would love it if Roslin is a Cylon. It’s what my money is on.

  8. I think Ellen Tigh is the final cyclon, I would kind of put money on it. I mean from her first episode they hinted. Now she’s showing up all the time. So something is fishy. Will It could only be Tigh feeling guilty for killing her, but by now I think they would almost be done with him showing feelings of guilt. Personally though I want more then anything for Laura to be a cyclon, because I might jump off the roof when/if she dies.

  9. My Money was on laura but now I think its Adama whose the cylon. Laura would be to obvious a choice. Adama on the other hand would be the last person you would expect especially given his reaction when Tigh revealed he was a cylon. Thats where I am resting my 5 bucks


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