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What’s in your Pockets?

A while back Lifehacker ran and article asking people what was in their “go bags” or what items/gadgets they carry with them at all times. So now I ask you what items can you not live without? What gadgets or accessories do you carry with you?

Here is what is regularly in my pockets.

  1. 2GB SanDisk Titanium Cruzer for important files.
  2. Black Bic Pen (because there’s nothing worse than not having a pen when you need one).
  3. House key on a bottle opening keychain.
  4. 16GB iPod Touch (it’s my music, my calendar, my notepad, my calculator, and everything else it gets the most use of anything in my pockets).
  5. Moleskine sketchbook (I don’t always have this on me, but it’s usually around when I need it for sketching up a new comic idea, or just drawing robots and monsters).
  6. Aveeno lip protectant (because Northern Ontario Winters are dry).
  7. My newly refined paper wallet.
  8. Casio telememo 30 data bank calculator watch (the best watch I’ve ever owned).
  9. JVC iPod headphones.
  10. Nokia/Rogers cellphone, for texting and the occasional phone call (this would be integrated into my iPod as in an iPhone if they were available in Canada).

2 Responses to “What’s in your Pockets?”

  1. FUNNNNNNN i am so doing this, but with my purse. Pockets are for homos.

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