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The Best Video Game Ever!

For those of you with Nintendo Wii or anyone still holding on to their NES consoles I suggest seeking out Galaga

It probably seems a tad late to be talking about this game seen as it was released in 1981, but unfortunately I was not raised on the Nintendo but rather a rival system called Sega. But seen as Sega has been out of the console game for a while, I have been spending more time with Nintendo, more specifically the Nintendo Wii.

I was an early adopter of this system, I managed to pick one up the day it was released in Canada. It appealed to me because of the Virtual Console feature. With this I would be able to play many of the forgotten Sega games I had grown up with as well as some new (retro) NES, SNES and N64 games.

Since purchasing the system I have played a variety of new Wii and old Virtual Console games and have recently come to the conclusion that Galaga is by far the greatest game ever produced. I don’t exactly know why, there is no specific reasons or scientific facts for its greatness, just the feeling deep down in my heart that it is an amazing game. There is something about playing a game of Galaga, dying and then restarting again to try to advance even further and beat the top score that just appeals to me.


2 Responses to “The Best Video Game Ever!”

  1. You should make a movie version. BUGS IN SPACE!!

    A lot of the time great graphics < classic gameplay. I haven’t played Galaga, but it seems to be a perfect example of that. Also, seeing as many games after it have pretty much copied it’s formula (we’re in space/in geometric shapes/in a nucleus. Shoot everything!) means something.

  2. I didn’t mention it in the post but I’m really excited to try Geometry Wars for DS, it looks pretty fantastic.

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