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Monday Morning Coffee Talk.

It’s 10:30(ish) am, I’m up earlier than normal, the weekends over and I’m feeling a weird combination of emotions somewhere between bliss and depression. My current state is a result of the most amazing long weekend I’ve had in as long as my memory can compute. But as the last moments of my freedom come to an end I’m beginning to think about the work week, responsibilities, and a certain someone who is returning back to her home in the prairies.

It’s nice to wake up early, I’m just now starting to realize this. My usual routine involves hitting the snooze button on multiple alarms and sleeping in far too long, and than finally dragging myself out of bed to shower and have a quick bite to eat before having to make the trek to work. But not today. Today I woke up early enough to casually lounge around the house for a few minutes before showering, and than enjoying several cups of coffee while checking the usual blogs and discovering some new and unusual ones, listening to some good morning tunes and now pouring my heart out into this post.

It’s rare that I post something like this, I tend to avoid overly personal posts because I find other news and articles far more interesting than my own life, today however is something different, so why not?


2 Responses to “Monday Morning Coffee Talk.”

  1. Awww. *^_^*

    On another note: I think waking up early is one of the last steps to growing up! I don’t know any adults that sleep in until the afternoon. . . nor do I care to. You’re all growed up, Gregory.

  2. Heh, yeah about that… I tried repeating the experience the next day, but it didn’t go so well.

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