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Battles Rocks

I’ve posted about the band Battles before, their album Mirrored is absolutely incredible, and both the videos for Tonto and Atlas are spectacular: both because of the music and imagery of the video.

But it’s one thing to have a band that sounds incredible on their album, but when you see a live performance that matches that, especially when the music is as complex and layered as Battles’, that’s something else.

So I thought I would post this video of Battles playing Tonto live. Check it out and see for yourself how amazing this band is.


2 Responses to “Battles Rocks”

  1. cool. what’s going on with the guy on the right. he seems to to be playing the guitar parts half on the guitar and half on the keyboard (or maybe a sequencer?) do you anything about this?

    thanks for putting this vid up.

  2. I dunno.
    Right after I posted this I found 3 more awesome videos of Battles playing Tonto live on YouTube, all equally as awesome.

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