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One Great City?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my future lately, mostly what I’m going to do, where I’m going to live, etc.  Seen as I’m trying to make it in the Film/Media industry there are certain cities that seem to stand out more than others (mainly Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg). So I’ve been weighing out the pros/cons of each city.

Vancouver is booming with the film, videogame and tech industies, it’s warmish, on the Pacific coast, and just has a young hip vibe to it. However it’s expensive, on the other side of the country, is expensive, and once again is very EXPENSIVE.

Toronto is BIG, is also big in the media industries, is close to where much of my family is located, but once again is expensive (oh and it’s Toronto, not to stereotype but it’s not the nicest place is the world, people can be jerks.)

Montreal seems to be more active in the videogame and music industries, it’s got a cool French culture, and is reasonably cheap to live in. I however have no job contacts in Montreal.

Finally Winnipeg,  has an active film industry, a great music scene, great food, is comparable to Thunder Bay as far as the cost of living goes, it’s apparently easy to find work there,  and I have several friends located there who I would love to see on a regular basis.

So needless to say I’m leaning towards Winnipeg as a possible new home. Although if I do move I will miss Thunder Bay and all the awesome people here very much (however another + for Winnipeg is that it’s only an 8 hour drive away from TBay).


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  1. I’m obviously a fan of this Idea

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