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iPhone/Touch SDK and other news.

I attempted to comment on the release of Apples iPhone/iPod Touch SDK yesterday but in the middle or typing my post my laptop decided to go all screwy, so needless to say it never got done.

I’m not going to bother detailing all the information about the SDK as I’m not a technology reporter (not yet at least), but if you haven’t heard the news and it is vaguely interesting to you, I suggest checking out the following links.

iPhone SDK Roundup: Everything You Need to Know

Apple Opens iPhone But Key Restrictions Remain
Now that you’ve been brief on the details…

I’m slightly disappointed with Apple’s Thursday event. Although Apple finally released the SDK and soon we will see some cool new apps, I was hoping Apple would have taken the initiative of creating some new apps of their own, or possibly having some pre-arranged 3rd party apps available already.  It seems kind of ridiculous that they couldn’t have released something, seen as independent developers have already been doing it thanks to the jailbreak and

I’m also disappointed that certain functions are going to be restricted, such as running multiple apps concurrently, and having background processes. I understand that this is to prevent problems and maintain stability but it will greatly hinder the usefulness of AIM, and other similar apps. I might as well continue using Meebo in this case.

I don’t want to sound like I’m bitching though, there are some things that I am very much looking forward to such as:

  • Voip
  • Games, notably Spore.
  • Anything that supports video.
  • Better RSS reader.
  • and anything else I have yet to think of that some brilliant developers will.

Now this is assuming this stuff actually gets made (there has been no official word yet) but I speculate these will be available soon.


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