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Fun Pictures of (Me Eating) Food

No one else is home at the moment and I’m starting to get restless. I decided to go downstairs and grab a grapefruit.

I don’t know why but I just started to like grapefruit a lot. I never used to like it, in fact I thought it was pretty gross. But something has opened my eyes to the wonderful world of the grapefruit. Here are some pointless pictures of me enjoying some grapefruit.

photo-151.jpg photo-153.jpg

Ps. I’m wearing sunglasses because grapefruit feels like it should be eaten in the summer, or in some kind of tropical weather, and I would much prefer that to the freezing tundra that is Thunder Bay.


2 Responses to “Fun Pictures of (Me Eating) Food”

  1. Also, if you wear sunglasses, your chances of being accidentally sprayed in the eyeball with grapefruit juice are significantly lower.

  2. That’s very true, and trust me when I’m not wearing sunglasses that happens all the time.

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