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Business Computers Suck.


While toiling away at work today I got thinking about the scene in office space where Michael Bolton is cursing the xerox machine’s cryptic error message. I was thinking about this because the computer system I use at work is anti-intuitive and condesending. Just to print a single shipping document I have to click no less than five

First I need to click “print” and then click a second button to confirm that I want to print, which takes me to a new screen with a preview of the document where I must click the small printer icon, which opens a new window with printing options, I need to confirm how many copies I’m printing and than finally hit ok.

It has literally taken me just as much time to write this rant as it has to print some document. The saddest thing about all this is that I am writing this from my iPod Touch, a device far more intuitive than this computer system can ever dream of.

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