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On Friday night I went to see Jumper with Bryan and Emily. I was excited to see that the theatre wasn’t very full (I wasn’t surprised though) right from the beginning I knew pretty much what to expect.

Jumper: A dude with the power of teleportation (Anakin Skywalker) uses his power to pop himself all around the world, getting rich and doing whatever the hell he wants, and the other guy (Samuel L./Mace Windu on meth) is severely jealous of this power and wants to kill anyone who poses this power (yeah there are more).

Now this may seem like a generalization but really what else do you need for story. Sure Anakin’s dad isn’t so great, his mom is also a so called paladin (jumper hunter) and some other stuff. But seriously it’s just a movie about teleportation. I’m happy with that. It allows me to explore, through the magic of cinema, my fantasy of possessing this power.

Remember Nightcrawler in X2, ya it’s the same thing except a whole movie full of cool transporting FX. Special FX in this movie are really quite fantastic (although there were some noticeably bad chroma keys) it was fun watching the characters teleport from place to place, especially with vehicles. I also really liked how the environments around the characters teleporting were affected. And the concept of jump scars is cool.

But seriously it’s just a fun movie about “jumping”, even if you despise Hayden Christensen’s acting, it’s still fun.


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