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Bathroom Progress

Marty worked on the bathroom all day today. He and the other guy (isn’t it horrible that I don’t know his name) put tile down and installed the sink and counter space. They did quite a bit more work too, like putting in the frame for where the shower will be and patching some of the holes in the wall.


Check out the new tile, looks pretty good if you ask me (although anything is really better than the exposed subfloor we had before!)


The new countertop looks pretty nice too, I think it’s granite.

I can’t wait until the shower and and everything is done so I can actually be clean again.


One Response to “Bathroom Progress”

  1. I have noticed that most home owners would want to have “Granite” instal in their kitchen, but some how assume “Granite” is costly without even checking with local companies. If you know of a great idea to break this view please let me know.

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