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I seriously can’t remember what I was going to blog about.

So I’ll just start by talking about some weird things I overheard today.

While sitting in the break room at Chapters I overheard a conversation between two employees about eating farm animals, in particular certain cows and pigs. Now it wasn’t the topic of eating animals that was shocking to me (although I am a vegetarian and don’t really digg that) it was the fact that they were referring to said animals by name! That’s right they had pet names for each animal that would inevitably become a pork chop or a T-bone.

A couple of my coworkers and I tried to hide or horrified laughter while the other two employees continued to discuss how they ate Babe for dinner.

Now I’m no expert on farming or slaughtering animals, but may I suggest that if you own a farm and have animals which you plan to make into meals in the future that you save your children the horror and not name them. I know that while they are around it might be cute to go and play with Oinkers the pig or Bruce the cow, but it won’t be so cute when Oinkers is the half pound of bacon next to your morning eggs or Bruce is sizzling on the BBQ.

I think I’ll stick to vegetables they don’t scream when I pick them.


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