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Asus Eee Pc Review

asus_eee_pc_narrowweb__300x3412.jpg I was pretty excited when I first heard about the Asus Eee Pc. It’s a tiny “sub-notebook” with a solid state drive, and a 7″ screen. I managed to find one for a reasonable price (less than I paid for my iPod Touch). The model I have is the 4GB Pearl White Surf. It has 512MB Ram, an Intel Celeron processor, 3 USB 2.0 ports, expandable SD slot, ethernet port, wireless, and a port for an external monitor.

I realized this was not exactly a computer meant for power, it’s designed with portability in mind. It only weighs a little over 2 pounds, hand is the size of a hardcover book. Seen as it has a solid state drive I’m not afraid of tossing it around, and despite it’s small size it’s quite sturdy.

The keyboard is a tad cramped and took a bit of getting used to, but after using it for a month I’ve gotten pretty used to it. And it’s not like I’m writing a novel on it, this thing gets used primarily to surf the internet when I’m not around my iMac.

As far as the operating system goes it runs a flavour of Linux called Xandros, which is a Debian based system. There are two different modes in which you can run Xandros: Easy and Advance, both of which are a KDE interface (all this probably means nothing to anyone who has never used Linux). The windows look strangely like XP which I suppose for most people is a good thing because it’s familiar, but for me it’s actually a negative (I’m a mac guy).

However I purchased the Asus Eee pc as a hobby computer to practice modding. It’s been a good platform to learn the basics of Linux on. However I wouldn’t recommend that anyone who has never used Linux to go in and start messing around with the terminal. I’ve used Ubuntu as well as the Unix commands in OS X so I’m some what familiar with the commands (but still not completely confident). I have changed some things about the operating system, just little tweaks like expanding the resolution of the monitor and adding some different software packages.

My main complaint with the Eee is not with the computer it’s self but with the OS. Xandros seems like a buggy, rarely updated OS. It’s simple enough, but it will often freeze or crash while performing basic functions, or even while loading web pages. I’ve seen people running OS X86 instead, but this seems rather impractical. Instead I’ve been working on a way of getting Ubuntu installed. So I was quite pleased when I came across this link today

I’ve already downloaded the .iso and am working towards getting it installed. Check back again for my review of eeeXubuntu running on the Asus Eee pc.



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  1. hey greg,
    this dude at school one day, used this as a prop to hit on me..
    my friend and i were playing on her macbook and the guy came up and asked if we minded that he compare sizes to the macbook. i was like, ‘oh here we go again, hitting on my friend.’ but he actually complimented on me on my ‘very nice smile’ lol. it was cute. until things could have got bloody when brandon showed up.

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